Do You Think Medicine Extends Life or Not?

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Mon Feb 23 11:58:06 EST 1998

This article is very good. Believe in Mother Nature, don't go for man
artificial things, they cause damage to human body most of the time.

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> To any doctor or scientist who is arrogant and ignorant enough
> to think that scientific medicine has extended life consider this;
> Hunza is a country of eighteen thousand people in the Himalayas.
> In this country it is not unusual for people to live to 100 and well
>  beyond in very good health.
> They are isolated in every sense of the word, they have no money, no
> cars, no police, no army, no television, no radio, no drugs companies
> they have.........practically no disease, they have no recorded cases
> of cancer..........they do not have US there.
> The population does not increase because they have in-built rules of 
> abstention for two years after the birth of a child, culturally this
> is normal for them.
> " We are blessed with what I call innocence through ignorance"
> ( King Mir, Hunzakuts father figure speaking to Noel Barber, 
> 1967 BBC Women's Hour)
> Barber says that the country has a priceless gift, the gift of serenity. 
> They gain comfort from their religion, they are lively,  intelligent and
> beautiful craftsmen.
> So do you still think medicine has extended life span, wake up to
> reality and stop kidding yourself !
> Carol T
> Feb 1998

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