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At the moment you can, try to let the girl to have plant foods, which are
organic plant.
The plant must be grown nomarlly without using chemical stuff. 
No meat, beef or any animals products.
Make sure the plants will not cause harm to human body function, like
1 day at least 15 different kind of plant food, thing like ALFALFA, PAPAYA
Go for the plant food without animal products 3 mth to 6 mth you may see
some go effect.

Umberto Ruggiero <umbruggi at tin.it> wrote in article
<34E71D77.89A1840C at tin.it>...
> I ask help for the search of a hospital center, in Italy or in the
> world, where it there is a department for the diagnosis and the care of
> the F.M.F.  (Familial Mediterranean Fever).
> This diagnosis has stayed hypothesized for a girl 18 years old,
> subjected already to different surgical interventions, to level of the
> digestive apparatus, for the formation of numerous adherences. The
> remission of the symptomatology (strong abdominal pains) has not been
> gotten.
> From beyond a year she engages colchicine (2 tablets mg 1 daily).
> During the acute phases any benefit on the pains is not gotten, despite
> the use of greater analgesics (tramadolo, meteridine, morphine).
> Thank you.
> Umberto Ruggiero
> Naples, Italy
> You can replay to this Internet address:
> umbruggi at tin.it

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