What's the meaning of 'complete' RPMI1640 media?

Dr. Wolf D. Splettstoesser w_splettstoesser at email.msn.com
Tue Feb 24 17:15:03 EST 1998

Dear Kim Tae Yoon,

for the culture of many different cell lines the classical media like RPMI
or D`MEM have to be supplemented for optimal growth or survival of the
employed cells et all. Because some of these reagents (pyruvate, non
essential aminoacids etc.) have a short lifetime in an aequous solution they
are supplemented directly before the preprepared medium (which is usually
sterile-filtered and stored in a refrigerator) is used e.g. to split the
cell population you are growing.
Best wishes
Dr. W. Splettstoesser, M.D., Munich - Germany

Kim Tae Yoon schrieb in Nachricht <34F288B9.37CC15BB at cmc.cuk.ac.kr>...
>I recently start T lymphocyte culture. I used comercial RPMI1640 power
>In many reference additional suppliment including glutamin, 2-ME,
>pyruvate etc.
>Why these suppliment was needed?
>Please let me know.
>Thanks and may God bless you and me.

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