anti-HLA mAbs

Jeff Frelinger jfrelin at
Tue Feb 24 16:18:57 EST 1998

W6/32 is a class I beta2 microgolobulin requiring antibody.  L243 does block
MLR at least for DR.

Jeff Frelinger
mark wrote in message <34F3173A.3385 at>...
>calman at wrote:
>> I am looking for an antibody or hybridoma to HLA-DR, DP, DQ that blocks
>> antigen presentation and/or MLR. Does anyone know of any sources for such
>> mAb? Thanks.
>I don't know about the mlr inhibition but two moab that come to mind are
>the w632 (this designiation may be the clone name) and Lt34 or L234.
>Check atcc catalogue for these and other possibilities.

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