What's up at the Journal of Immunology?

John Ladasky jladasky at pmgm.Stanford.EDU
Wed Feb 25 17:40:25 EST 1998

Hi, folks,

	Has anyone here had trouble establishing communication with the
Journal of Immunology lately?  I sent them a manuscript almost a month
ago, but I did not receive any return correspondence.  I don't know 
whether I should start bugging Federal Express.  Over the past two weeks,
I have tried to contact them via their email address (infoji at ji.faseb.org)
and by their FAX number.  No response.  Has anyone else been having
trouble getting replies?

						    - John Ladasky

Rainforest laid low.
"Wake up and smell the ozone,"
Says man with chainsaw.					- John Ladasky

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