Aids is manmade anyway--at least good possibility

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> It was in the late 60's that W.H.O. was doing research on something that
> would destroy immune sytems.  If you do research youll see that the patient
> zero theory does not add up -- the time line is way off -- and there are
> many other questionable things involved -- if you want I can go deeper into
> this subject --- another tidbit -- its also interesting to note that when
> the bilderburg group targeted gay homosexuals in six major U.S. cities
> under the guise of the hepititus vaccine --that it was theese cities that
> later had the highest rates-- all six --- 

> want more?

NO THANKS - just take this garbage to alt.Idontknowwhat. It's already bad
enough we have to suffer the commercial spams.


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