angioedema question......

Janet Rewolinski rewolinj at milwaukee.tec.wi.us
Sat Feb 28 11:00:02 EST 1998

11 yo male diagnosed with angioedema 1.5 yo. Had a hyrax palate
expander with front pull head gear placed aprox. 5 months prior. C1
levels WNL. No known allergies, with the exception of amoxicillin, and
cats. Has since developed strange neuro / seizure disorder, preceded
by a strong olfactory aura and accompanied with a strong pounding
headache pinpointed directly over the ethmoid sinus. 

Presently on Depacote 250mg BID,  for seizure (? atypical migraine)
control; and Clatitin 10mg daily  as control of the angioedema)

Had been on zyrtec aprox. 3 1/2 weeks prior to the start of the
seizures, and once switched to Clatitin, only had seizures for 5 more
days. ( possible drug reaction ? Pfizer says No) 

Neuro other than during the seizures is normal, ruled out conversion
disorder.  Sending to an ENT for consult . 

Any ideas? 

Thanks for your time....
JaNeT  @}-,-'--

rewolinj at milwaukee.tec.wi.us

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