Natural Killer (NK) in SCID Mice

Paul R Clark prc at U.Arizona.EDU
Thu Jan 1 22:12:25 EST 1998

I'm interested in monitoring NK activation and tissue distribution in
tumor-bearing SCID mice following immunomodulatory therapies [IL-2, IFN-a,

I've run into some technical questions concerning NK populations in the
SCID mouse and hope someone may have some insights..

1.) What are the most appropriate antibodies to use for 'characterizing',
depleting, and staining SCID mouse NK cells (asialo-GM1, NK1.1, CD16,

2.) What are the best sources for isolating NK cells within the
SCID mouse (spleen, blood,tumor..)?

3.) What sort of 'yeild'(cell numbers) can I expect when isolating NK
cells from SCID
mouse spleens. 

4.) Can NK cytotoxicity assays (Yac-1 via 51Cr-release) be reliably
performed using NK cells isolated from individual animals?

If anyone has any comments , suggestions, or references in this areas I
would be most grateful for your help. 
Paul R Clark
prc at U.Arizona.EDU

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