how to keep protein stable

sunkei sunkei at
Sun Jan 4 07:47:57 EST 1998

Dear netters:
	I encountered a problem and need help from you. I have cloned a 800bp
fragment into the pIG vector, which could expressed an fusion protein with
Fc fragment of IgG1 at the end of the target protein. The expressed fusion
protein was identified by affinity chromatography and sandwich ELSIA. This
fusion protein is not stable, after I purified this protein by affinity
chromatography,I keep it in PBS at -20c. But its half span under this
condition is about 14 days. So, my question is how to keep my protein
stable. The aim of my experiment is to do immunohistochemistry using this
protein, If adding BSA would confluence my results.

thank you in advance.

Sun Kai, Ph.D.
Department of Immunology
The Fourth Military Medical University
Xi'an, 710032
PR China

e-mail: sunkei at

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