Looking for challenging position (academy/industry)

Lab Rat labrat at cco.caltech.edu
Thu Jan 8 01:22:29 EST 1998

I am currently postdoc at Division Biology, California Institute of Technology.

My highlights:

 -extensive background in immunology+good knowledge of molecular biological
 -handling of small animals (mice,rats,rabbits)-i/v injections, small surgery,
  retroorbital bleeding; experience with different pathogens, radioactivity;
 -computer literacy+various graphical (DeltaGraph, CricketGraph,SigmaPlot,
  Harvard Graphics etc.), statistical and molbiological programms (DNA-Strider,
  Amplify, Plasmid Artist etc); extensive user of scientific databases on
-some supervising experience;
-visa status: working permit for USA; green-card approved (October 1997)

I am looking for challenging position in academy/industry; ready to relocate.

Please contact with me by e-mail: nbartene at cco.caltech.edu
                             fax: (626) 440-9821
                            phone: (626)446-4524 

Thank you for consideration,

         Natalie Barteneva
         Division of Biology,
         California Institute of Technology

Lab Rat
labrat at cco.caltech.edu

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