depletion studies

Fri Jan 9 01:44:05 EST 1998

I have recently conducted a number of depletion studies in mice using rat
anti mouse monooclonal antibodies.  The mice I was depleting of various
cells and cytokines, had been previously immunised against a bacterial
infection.  The depleted immunised mice were challenged with bacteria.
Measurement of IgG  specific to the bacteria in the serum post challenge of
the mice was found to be adversly effected in the cell or cytokine depleted
mice compared with those immunised but not depleted.  IgA levels showed a
slght adverse effect but not nearly as noticeable as the IgG levels.  Has
anyone done similar studies or have any theories to throw light on why
depleted animals are not showing similar serum antibody levels as the non
depleted animals?

I look forward to your thoughts - Ruth

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