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>  "Earth changes", referring to the current environmental, medical, social
>& planetary changes occurring on Earth today, which some contend are
>happening at greater frequency and with more intensity than any previous
>time in recorded history.

>These "Earth changes" include:
>   * Weather (mega-El Nino, flooding/drought, other "freak weather")
>   * Tectonic activity (earthquakes, volcanos)
>   * Re-emerging viruses & diseases (meningitis, trenchfever, dengue, etc)
>   * New & mutated viruses (bird flu) and organisms (Pfisteria, Red Tide)
>   * Environmental changes, both manmade (pollutants, ozone depletion) and
>     natural (self-correcting nature/"Sacred Ecology", greenhouse effect)
>     and its effect on animal, marine, and human life.
>   * Plus medical advances, scientific discoveries, and social change that
>     affects people directly and the Earth itself indirectly

>   Past "Earth changes" (via 'cosmic catastrophe' and 'forbidden
>archaeology') can be discussed, as a matter of historical record and
>through the mythology and symbology of ancient peoples.
>   Future "Earth changes", as seen through prophecy and by predictions
>(Biblical, scientific theory, psychic, remote viewed, Native American,
>Nostrodamus, astrology, "ufo messages", etc) can be discussed.
>   No advertisements ("spam") are allowed, except those directly relating
>to "Earth changes".


>So if the planet-wide changes & predicted paradigm shifts interest you, go

>All perspectives welcome - from scientific & medical, to environmental &
>new age, and all inbetween & beyond!

I live in Florida. 
You can't swing a dead cat here w/o hitting shitty weather.
But, Ilike it here and I live here on purpose. I have seen it SNOW
here three times, and I am pretty pissed off about it. I _want_
global warming. If you are stupid enough to live downhill from
a lava-flow, well, something bad is bound to happen to you
sooner or later.
Take your bad news and either shove it up your ass, or else I
can cut you a nice deal on some slightly-used purple shrouds
that you and people that think like you can use to unclutter this
planet of the horse-shit that has enough technology to show up
on the internet, but not enough brains to know that thier thoughts
don't mean jack-shit to the rest of us.

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