how to keep protein stable

Dr. Wolf D. Splettstoesser w_splettstoesser at
Thu Jan 15 18:21:36 EST 1998

>Sun Kai, Ph.D.
>Department of Immunology
>The Fourth Military Medical University
>Xi'an, 710032
>PR China
To Sun Kai, Ph.D.

Lack of stability for certain proteins is also a common problem in our
laboratory. We try to solve this problem by:
1. storing the protein solution at -80 degree celsius (proteases are
2. using a commercially available protease inhibitor cocktail ( from e.g.
Boehringer Ingelheim) (might interfere with your assay)
3. raising the protein concentration (above 1,0 mg/ml) by
ultracentrifugation before storage
4. addding other proteins which might not interfere with
immunohistochemistry like any blocking substance (fetal calf serum or  5%
slim milk powder)

Good luck !

Dr. Wolf Splettstoesser, M.D., D.T.M.&M.P.
Federal Armed Forces Medical Academy
Institute of Microbiology
Department of Immunology
Munich, Germany

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