How bad Mitomycin C treated cells should look?

vu430 vu430 at
Mon Jan 19 11:23:28 EST 1998

Dear netters,
I am using Mitomycin C treated EBV transformed B cells as APC as T cell
stimulators. I treat the cells with 25mcg/ml Mitomycin C for 90 min and
then next day they look in a pretty bad shape and soon after that I have
just junk in my culture but still my T cells grow. When I treated them for
60 min the next day they looked too happy  and I still don't know but it
seems they are multiplying. I wonder how exactly they shoud look and how
long they are supposed to survive after the treatment.
Could anyone, please, help me with some tips......?
Thank you so much in advance!!!
Anastas Pashov

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