Any refs. for MFO/Cyt. P450's in circulating cells.

C.D. Hatton CDH8 at
Wed Jan 21 17:30:22 EST 1998

Hi all,

I was reading an immunology book about the sensitivity of Haemopoietic
/immune cells to steroids, so I did a BIDS and a Medline search for
Cyto. P450's and haemopoeisis and Lymphopoiesis and drew a blank with

However I know that a Cyto.P450 is expressed in CNS glial cells, that is
specific for pregnolone and has DHEA activity.  Anybody know if any of
the steroid dehydrogenases/MFO etc are expressed in adult NK,
Macrophages lymphocytes, neutrophils or erthrocytes. Even in the bone
marrow would be useful.

Some references would go down a treat as there must be something out


Christopher Hatton
University of Leicester

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