Natural Killer (NK) Cells

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>I'm in search of some assistance. I am an undergrad and I have a research
>paper to write. My topic is the following:
>NK cells are capable of responding if self MHC is missing. Describe how NK
>cell responses are regulated to allow this response, and discuss how this
>may be relevant to viral infection and tumor surveillance.
>Does anyone know of any good research articles or other sources I could
>look up? I've already looked through PubMed, but it hasn't really given me
>much that I could use. Any help is kindly appreciated.

	I can't believe that your Medline search didn't turn up any of the
articles in volume 155 of _Immunological_Reviews_ [Feb. 1997] -- the entire
issue is devoted to NK cells and their function.  Do you know how to do an
advanced search on PubMed?  By restricting the search fields, you can find
things more quickly.  Search fields that would probably be of help to you
include "Major Subject Heading" and "Publication Type".
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