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I don't mean to sound stupid or anything, but could it also be a latent
case of diabetes?
My father had a somewhat similar inceident also; he used to work in the
steel mill, but his diabetes didn't get worse until he retired.  The
doctors don't know whether or not my father has Parkinson's or if it is
the affects of the drugs they give him.  I hope this has been somewhat

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> I am a practicing physical therapist in Port Townsend, WA.  I have a
> family friend that has been  diagnosed by traditional M.D.'s as having
> Parkinson's disease.  The strange thing is that the tremor onset was
> acute and occurred after being exposed to formaldahyde treated plants in
> a closed environment after three days.	She was reportedly fine before
> this.  In adition she has a husband who is a metal fabricator that
> specializes in work with aluminum and stainless steel.	This requires a
> great deal of exposure through his clothing, skin etc...  to solvents and
> minute fragments of metal. She has not responded to typical Parkinsons Rx
> of dopamine substitutes.  Can you suggest an avenue of investigation. 
> One additional note, she was also exposed to a "bug bomb" of pesticide
> about two years before sx onset.  No imagry has been done on the CNS. 
> Thank you for your help
> Ronald W Babcock, PT
> Director/ Owner Port Townsend Physical Therapy
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