freeze lymphocytes

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Wed Jun 3 04:12:40 EST 1998

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>Hi I am culturing human peripheral blood lymphocytes in complete RPMI(5%
>fbs).  How long will these last in culture and is it feasible to freeze
>them and if yes how do i freeze lymphocytes. To reply, just take the x
>out of my name thank-you.

Wash your cells and resuspend in 70% RPMI, 20% FCS and 10% DMSO in a 
concentration of 1x10e7 cells/ml. Aliquot in 1 ml per cryotube. Place tubes in 
a special container (Cryo Freezing Container, Nalgene) with 2-propanol and 
place this container at -80°C. Temperature will decrease approx. 1°C per min. 
After 2 h place tubes in liquid nitrogen.

Good luck.


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