Macrophage activation marker?

mark mark.haynes at
Thu Jun 4 12:19:15 EST 1998

trox at wrote:
> Hi!
> I would need to isolate LPS-activated mouse macrophage cells
> (RAW or J774) by magnetic separation with antibodies. For this,
> I would need a cell surface antigen that has low or undetectable basal
> expression level in resting macrophage but upregulated expression
> in activated macrophage. I have tried already CD14, Mac-1 and
> CD25. Trouble with CD14 and Mac-1 is quite that they have high basal
> expression levels based on FACS analysis. I did not see any CD25
> expression at all.
> Any information is appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Tapani Ronni, PhD
> Howard Hughes Medical Institute/UCLA School of Medicine
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I would look into cd 80 and/or 86 and do some proof of concept stuff by 
staining after activating some isolated MQs

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