complement/transplantation question

L.A. Pike-Nobile ez063669 at
Thu Jun 4 19:51:43 EST 1998

The valves used in valve replacement are fixed (in gluteraldehyde, I
think). Presumably this process destroys all the surface MHC, avoiding an
immediate anti-xeno response.Maybe no further response is developed
because there is no shedding of antigens and valves aren't dangerous...


Of course that doesn't explain lack of NK attack.

On Thu, 4 Jun 1998, Bob Scibienski wrote:

> 	A while back when teaching my immunology class about transplantation I told the
> students about the attempts to produce human complement regulator transgenic
> pigs to avoid alternate pathway mediated hyperacute rejection of their organs by
> human recipients.  A very astute student asked why the pig valves which are
> routinely used for valve replacement operations are not rejected by this
> mechanism.  Anybody out there got any explanations?
> Bob Scibienski
> UC Davis

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