Problem about T Cell Purification

CHAN Ella Wai Ching boella at
Fri Jun 5 01:19:29 EST 1998

 Dear all,

 I would like to know how to use percoll for T cell purification from 
 blood !!! 
 I have tried to set the percoll gradients using 3ml 1.06g/ml, 4ml 1.07g/ml
 then follwed with 1.08g/ml. I loaded 4ml of heparinized blood over the
 gradient and centrifuged for 25 minutes at 1200rpm (300 x g), room temp, 
 no break. However, it was found that the separation wasnt clear and it was
 quite hard for me to distingulish each cell bands.

 What kind of gradient should I setup for such kind of purification??  

 Thanks a lot for your attention.




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