"Conditioning"--IL-1 et al.

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jun 7 01:00:38 EST 1998

There are many demonstrations of "conditioning" in the sense of acute
changes in reactions of one or the other system after some treatment or
other (e.g. reaction to hypoxia an hour or so after mechanical brain 
trauma, or vice versa).

I am not interested in these.

I am looking for LONG-TERM "conditioning"--on the order of Pavlovian
conditioning or on the order of immnological "conditioning" (e.g.
specific antigen recognition, etc.).

For example: IL-1 production can be increased by various manipulations
(e.g. brain trauma, hypoxia, LPS exposure, etc.); does a REMOTE history
of this  (e.g. at LEAST a few weeks prior) influence subsequent IL-1
responses?  e.g. influence on threshold for stimulation, on latency of
response, on rate of production, on co-production of (e.g.) IL-1a
(endogenous competitive ligand), or--?

Interested in brain but surely info from anyplace else (ovarian tissue,
gut, heart, liver, whtever) could be useful.

Not ONLY IL-1--what about TNF? NO? and (beond this realm) NGF et al.?

re Pavlovian conditioning: 1987 paper on conditioning of mast cell
response (MacQueen) much cited, but don't know if actually replicated
or extended...

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