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> > Dear all,
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> > I would like to know how to use percoll for T cell purification from
> > blood !!!
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> > Ella
> O.k... first of all, how restricted are you in your lab's budget?  I
> would highly recommend using any of the cell separation bead systems
> that are presently on the market right now.  They will save you time,
> and if you wish to look at T Cell subsets, you will be able isolate
> those even further.  The amount of time that you save is tremendous.
>  I would run the blood through a ficoll (Lympholyte, or you can use
> any other commercially available Ficoll variation) first.  This step
> helps with your RBC and monocyte separation prior to using a column or
> a bead system.  I haven't used percoll gradients in years due to the
> time it takes to pour them and the fact that we needed to purify the T
> Cells further.  Heck, I remember using Fetal Bovine Serum to separate
> cells instead of Percoll or Ficoll, followed by Nylon Wool!
> Bottom line, unless there is a real compelling reason why you need to
> use Percoll, look for other methods.  Of course, keep in mind what
> your final USE of your T Cells will be and choose a system
> appropriately. Companies to consider will be Miltenyi Beads/columns (I
> could NEVER get their name straight!), Cedar Lanes has a few Columns,
> R & D Systems, etc...
> Have Fun...
> -Mark Mizuno
Hi all!

Check for MACS ;-)



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