"Conditioning"--IL-1 et al.

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Frank LeFever) writes: 
>There are many demonstrations of "conditioning" in the sense of acute
>changes in reactions of one or the other system after some treatment
or other (e.g. reaction to hypoxia an hour or so after mechanical brain
>trauma, or vice versa).
>I am not interested in these.
>I am looking for LONG-TERM "conditioning"--on the order of Pavlovian
>conditioning or on the order of immnological "conditioning" (e.g.
>specific antigen recognition, etc.).
>For example: IL-1 production can be increased by various manipulations
>(e.g. brain trauma, hypoxia, LPS exposure, etc.); does a REMOTE
history of this  (e.g. at LEAST a few weeks prior) influence subsequent
IL-1 responses?  e.g. influence on threshold for stimulation, on
latency of response, on rate of production, on co-production of (e.g.)
IL-1a (endogenous competitive ligand), or--?
>Interested in brain but surely info from anyplace else (ovarian
tissue, gut, heart, liver, whtever) could be useful.
>Not ONLY IL-1--what about TNF? NO? and (beond this realm) NGF et al.?
>re Pavlovian conditioning: 1987 paper on conditioning of mast cell
>response (MacQueen) much cited, but don't know if actually replicated
>or extended...
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