It is possible to run ELISPOT and proliferation at the

Kefei Hu Kefei.Hu at
Wed Jun 10 03:18:19 EST 1998


Many thanks for your response.

As I understand that ELISPOT usually done at about 5 days post the
second dose, which is about at the peak of Ig production in vivo.  On
the other hand, proliferation should be carried out little bit later
(sb. suggested at least 11 days after booster) when in vivo
proliferation calms down slightly so that the background value will be
lower in vitro.

If both AMI and CMI are week, the ideal timing for each induvidual test
could become crucial. Any compromise in timing may not be possible.

Here I'd like to add another test- CTL into the package. Do you still
think that it is OK to run these tests at the same time?

And what is more, which could be added to the list?

Waiting for your reply!

Kefei Hu

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