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     I have a 4 and a half year old son with autism.  I am interested in a
doctor near connecticut who would help me do some of the testing for
immunological problems and other things inherent to autism.   I was also
wondering about my sons health as an infant and if anyone else has had
experience with this.  He began eating milk based formula in the hospital, and
the first day was taking 6 or more ounces of formula.  He immediatley
developed some problems with spitting up, colic symptoms, and though he slept
well the first 2 months, he progressively got worse.  At about 2 months old he
got an intense diarrhea problem with a double ear infection and began to lose
weight and muscle tone.  He had trouble gaining after this.  He had many
illnesses as a child, croup, every stomach illness there is , a baby whooping
cough, respiratory illness.  After the diarrhea problem, he was put into the
hospital for failure to thrive and started on soy formula, where he began to
projectile vomit, after this he began nutramigen and immediately began to gain
weight,  Before these incidents, I did try him on cereal a couple of times.
He also had 2 hydroceles and operated 2 times, after the second had an
extremely high fever. that was when he was older though,

If anyone has any thoughts please email me
jksac3 at

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