son with autism

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Mon Jun 15 09:04:31 EST 1998


     I am the mother of a 4.5 year old boy with autism.  I have always
wondered about his unhealthy beginning, and if it could of in any way been
part of the reason for his disorder.  He was a huge eater from birth.  He was
eating 6 ounces the day he came home.  He slept well the first 2 months only
waking to eat the first and after that sleeping thru the night.  He
immediately had problems with milk based formulas, crying spitting up alot,
gas etc.  When he was 2 months old he came down with a diarrhea infection and
lost alot of weight, and had a double ear infection(which he did not have many
of).  He then afterwords could not gain weight, and was diagnosed with failure
to thrive, with loss of muscle tone etc.  After many switches in formulas,
lactose free etc, soy made him projectile vomit.  He was put on Nutramigen,
and immediately began to gain weight.  He was always a hearty eater as a young
child, and has no trouble with weight now, but he has autism.  He has alot of
allergies, and some gastro difficulties, but otherwise healthy, he has had
many illnesses as a child though.

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