Alamarblue proliferation assay ?

Sinenko S. A. sergeys at
Fri Jun 19 00:26:29 EST 1998

I have experience in proliferation detection of Con A- stimulated
murine spleenocytes both by 3-h thymidine and MTT tests.
It has been observed high correlation between these tests.

Sergey Sinenko
Institute of  Mol.  Biol.  and  Biochem. Almaty

>I have used 20 mcl alamarblue, 5x10**5 cels/ml, 200 mcl cellsusp.(human
>lymphocytes - PHA stimulated). The cells were preincubated for 48 hours and
>the alamarblue added hereafter and meassured at 570 and 600 nm after 2, 4,
>6 and 24 hours on a microtiterplate reader.
>No significant difference was seen between the PHA stimulated and the basal
>The assay is functioning with 3-h thymidine.
>I would be greatfull if you have any coments concerning using alamarblue .
>Yours Jens R. Hansen

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