Will NIM research find a cure? - A new approach.

Nick Iredale nj at nospam.demon.co.uk
Thu Jun 25 04:05:02 EST 1998

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society for Neuroimmunomodulation Research 
(CFSsocNIMr) campaigns on behalf of patients with Chronic Fatigue 
Syndrome (CFS) for progress in the research and development of 
neuroimmunomodulation (NIM) based treatments and cure.

This research could also benefit sufferers of other chronic medical 

NIM is a scientific term for the interaction between the cells of the 
three controlling systems of the human body: the nervous system, the 
endocrine system and the immune system.

NIM scientists are now starting to realise that the large number of 
poorly understood, chronic medical conditions are actually better 
understood as NIM conditions: allergy, asthma, multiple chemical 
sensitivity syndrome, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, depression 
and, fibromyalgia, of course, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Medical scientists with an interest in CFS/NIM and physicians with CFS 
are invited to contact the CFSsocNIMr in support of this campaign.  If 
you are a sufferer please bring this announcement to the attention of 
any support organisations you may subscribe to, so that it reaches as 
many researchers as possible. 

For more information visit
                The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society
                 for Neuroimmunomodulation Research

        REPLY TO:  Jed Gallagher - cfs.nim at square-sun.demon.co.uk

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