p24 assays

Usha Srinivasan sriniu at rpi.edu
Sun Jun 28 13:37:46 EST 1998

Hi everybody,
	I am working on my independent research proposal for my candidacy and I
want to study the effects of certain compounds on inhibiting HIV
replication and release. I have been able to find a lot of literature with
experimental protocols but not why these assays are carried out. So I have
some questions about it.
1) Why is HIV p24 (HIV core protein) assayed?
2) What is the difference between assaying cell-associated p24 and virion
associated p24 ? and why are BOTH done?
3) Some assays use HIV replication in CEM-SS cells while others use
peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) or fresh monocyte-macrophage cultures.
Again, what is the difference between all these assays? Is the information
from each vital to assaying the effect of anti-viral drugs or is one
	I have very little knowledge of immunology and every help would be
appreciated. Any good books or journal articles which explain this would
also be great. Thanks in advance for your help. Replies can be sent to
sriniu at rpi.edu

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