A E I O U r s t l n a e i o u R S T L N elgersmad at
Tue Jun 30 05:21:08 EST 1998

    I am concerned that the ever growing number of antibiotic resistant
strains of bacteria that are being discovered, and left undefeated may soon
leave science without means.  The point that I am trying to get across is
that the older standards that once limited the range of molecules that could
be considered an effective antibiotic, might need to be disregarded in the
ethics, and standards wings of the order.

    The ranges of molecules that are standardly eliminated are the colored
molecules, and those that might act as a harmless dye, or temporarily change
the color of the patient as a result of an injection, or ingestion.  I am
sure that if the cure works, and the side effects limited to the change in
color that there is no logical reason to reject the substance.

    I am sure in the case of the more permanent dyes that they may be active
as long as visible, but the potential of the side effects linger as long as
the change in appearance.

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