Why CD3 coated plate is used in T cell cloning?

klaus decken decken at rz.uni-leipzig.de
Tue Mar 3 08:46:11 EST 1998

Kim Tae Yoon wrote:
> In many case CD3 coated 96-well plate was used.
> Please let me know the reason. And where can I
> purchase that product.

You need it for polyclonal, i.e. unspecific stimulation of T-cells. I
don't know any commercial source of coated plates. I just coat them
myself. Dilute about 1 microgram of monoclonal anti-CD3 per ml of the
appropriate cell culture medium. Pipet 100 microliters of the diluted
antibody into each well and incubate over night (or at least for one
hour). Discharge the antibody before adding cells to the wells.

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