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Tue Mar 3 17:55:00 EST 1998

I have read several of your readers' letters on this subject and would
like more information.  My mother passed away 5 years ago from this
disease.  At first she thought she had a long bout with the flu as her
muscles were very weak.  This went on for a couple months and when I
took her to an internist, luckily it was diagnosed immediately after all
the tests. The disease traveled through the rest of her muscles and then
into the vital muscles - heart and lungs - before she passed on.

The questions I have is:

1. Most important - is this hereditary as I have been going through many
months of weak and painful arms and shoulders muscles and fatigued. I
sometimes can't list the weight of my arms without discomfort.  My doctor ran
blood tests and said they came out negative for any muscle infections.
However, after reading through several articles, it seems you can test
negative.(have a false negative reading)

2. Also, someone asked if exercise would be good or would it do any damage.  I
would like to go back to my aerobic walking through hills in the mornings but
find myself to fatigued to do so.  Now they are send me to an orthopedic

3. Can you give me the address on another Internet site that has a lot
of comprehensive information on this disease?

Thanks you in advance for you reply,


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