the vitamin myths - chapter 78632

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Thu Mar 5 15:01:59 EST 1998

if VitC is that effective in preventing 'any undesired systemic or
autoimmune response' - which I do not believe without further evidence - I
would be afraid that it is also hindering the desired immune response (the
vaccination itself) ??


"Ralph L. Samson" <73071.20 at COMPUSERVE.COM> schrieb in Nachricht
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>Immuno bionet readers,
>       My personal experience and a number of readings indicate that when
>A reasonable level of Vitamin C is circulating in plasma, responses to
>insect bites are localized and not systemic.  This requires that the
>C be ingested at least a few hours before, but not too long before, since
>it disappears from plasma in less than 12 hours.  Vaccination with a needle
>is very much like an insect bite.  Vitamin C in plasma should prevent any
>undesired systemic or autoimmune response.
>       Since a 500 mg tablet costs around 2 cents, it is beyond my
>comprehension why it is not routinely given, or taken, prior to a
>vaccination.  If it saves thousands of dollars in medical costs and
>prevents so much possible grief and pain, 2 cents is a small price
>to pay.
>Regards, Ralph L. Samson

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