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--- New issue features:

 * Drug Interactions:
     - Resources for Patients and Professionals
 * Medical Marijuana Update:
     - New Threat to California Access
     - Activist Peron Qualifies for Governor’s Race
     - New Scientist Backgrounder (Available on Web) Reveals
       Suppressed WHO Analysis
 * Medical Advances with International Impact:
     - Maternal Transmission
     - TB Prevention
     - Easier Sample Preparation
 * Oral Contraceptive / Nevirapine Interaction Trial,
       New York and San Francisco
 * IL-2 Without Antiretroviral Therapy, Trial Near
       Washington D.C.
 * FDA Publishes Conflict of Interest Rules for Clinical Trials


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***  About AIDS TREATMENT NEWS  ***                 

AIDS TREATMENT NEWS is one of the primary treatment resources
for AIDS and HIV.  It reports on experimental and standard
treatments, especially those available now, and has been
published twice monthly, continuously since 1986 by John S. James.

AIDS TREATMENT NEWS interviews physicians, scientists, other
health professionals, and persons with AIDS or HIV.  They also
collect information from meetings and conferences, medical
journals, and computer databases. Long-term survivors have
usually tried many different treatments, and found combinations
which work for them.  AIDS TREATMENT NEWS does not recommend
particular therapies, but seeks to increase the options available.

AIDS TREATMENT NEWS is funded by subscriptions and contributions
and does not accept contributions from pharmaceutical companies
or others whose products they might cover.

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