Strep pneumonia vaccine

Jim Nesselroad jimn3 at
Mon Mar 9 22:44:23 EST 1998

Hi, Jim Nesselroad here. <jim3 at>
I am a family practice M.D. with a patient who is splenectomized, as well as 
being a renal transplant recipient.  After immunizing her with Pneumovax, I drew 
her IgG levels and found her to be sufficiently protected against all but 2 
strains of S. pneumoniae-- 7F and 9N.  The tests should her to be immunoprotected 
against 1,3,4,6B,8,12F,14,18C,19F,23F with IgG Ab levels >200 NG Ab N/ml.
	These results indicate a lack of immunity against two strains of S. 
pneumonia and in her multiply immunocomprimised state, is there a clinical 
concern here?  Please reply via e-mail.  Thank you for your interest.

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