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As an immunologist, you no doubt know of nitric oxide's role as a
primitive anti-infection agent, and  might be interested in the
following: a couple of years ago I read a study, based on persusion of
an arm, which concluded that for this particular disease vitamin C
promoted this line of defense by delaying the degradation of NO (via
its anti-oxidant properties).  Don't have ref right at hand, but can
look for it if interested.

I also personally believe in efficacy of vitamin C in preventing colds,
flu (edtc.??), but not when (as I originally took it) taken
"rationally", i.e. in time-release doses.  I've been using the nutty
Linus Pauling "original recipe" of "pharmacological" doses, i.e. 2000mg
b.i.d (2  grams, twice a day) for many years...Maybe this massive bolus
provokes some kind of an immune response??

There is also the angle (about which I am largely ignorant) involving
dopamine...Proovocative, given the dual effects of amantadine...

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

>I believe in the merits of Vitamin C, much from my own personal
>  I find if I "chug" the orange juice as well as the real thing, that
I get
>over minor afflictions more readily.  However, this is nothing more
than a
>"worthless patient testamonial" on my part.   I find that physicians
>recommend taking Vitamin C when one has a cold or flu.  Such
>(having now been given by doctors for years) would imply Vitamin C's
>benefit to the immune system and overall health.  
>Your statement would suggest if Vitamin C transiently inhibits
>production that it has a mild immunosuppressive effect.  
>Given all of the research being conducted on vaccination perhaps you
>provide peer reviewed published references in support of your
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