Microplate reader recommendations?

M. D. Unson munson at ucsd.edu
Wed Mar 11 16:33:14 EST 1998

We are thinking of purchasing a microplate reader in the near future.
Currently we've been using a BioTek reader (absorbance only) but
we would like the option of fluorescence detection as well.  I've
found that BioTek makes a combined absorbance-fluorescence
plate reader (FL600) as does Molecular Dynamics (Biolumin960).
I've used products from both manufacturers but not these two
models specifically and would therefore appreciate any feedback
from others who have used these models.  Comments on manufacturer
support, ease of use, software and hardware reliability, "real world"
sensitivity, etc. would be appreciated.  Please email me directly
at:  munson at ucsd.edu
Thanks in advance,
Mia Unson
Chemistry & Biochemistry,

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