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> I need an answer!!  I am an undergraduate student and recently had a
discussion with my instructor over the neonates natural immunity.  My
instructor is of the opinion a neonate is at much higher risk to infection
than say a toddler. I on the other end of the spectrum am under the impression
that a breast feed neonate's immune system is as good or as bad as it's
mother's. Someone please clarify. Any information/articles would be

Several of these issues were recently addressed by two papers from our group:

T cell receptor repertoire diversity and clonal expansion in human neonates.
R.L. Schelonka, F.M. Raaphorst, D. Infante, E. Kraig, J.M. Teale and A.J.
Infante. Pediatric Research Vol. 43, No. 3 (1998), p 396-402.


Neonatal Immunology. R.L. Schelonka and A.I. Infante. Seminars in
Perinatology, Vol. 22, No. 1 (1988), p 2-14. This review contains many
references that may be of help to you.

Frank Raaphorst

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