Question for Ralph Samson

Mark Spencer mgs8 at
Sat Mar 21 12:42:30 EST 1998

Ralph Samson,
    On March 14 you posted the following statement on the immuno bionet

    "My experience suggests that Vitamin C circulating in plasma enables a
signalling scheme for the immune system.  What purpose would that have?  If
our livers could make Vitamin C, it would tell the liver to make more.  The
liver, because of lacking some enzymes, can't make it but the vestigial
signal may still be being sent."

    I was not aware that the liver had anything to do with vitamin C.  I
realize that this may be but a simple analogy, but I would enjoy hearing
more about your vitamin C work and please clarify the above statement
regarding vitamin C and the liver.
                                                 Mark Spencer
                                                 (Zoology undergraduate at

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