Developing vaccines J Mone'

Tue Mar 24 09:17:18 EST 1998

A couple of inaccuracies in your posting.  First, its poliovirus which 
is used in a weakened (attenuated) form.  Influenza vaccines, while 
grown in chicken eggs, are administered as disrupted (dead) virions.
it has been known for many years which frequencies of X rays result in 
mutations in DNA.  However, the process is random, and cannot be 
effectively targeted to particular areas of the genome.  The current 
methods of vaccine production are quite good, and are well tested, 
leaving little reason to change to fundmentally different strategies.  
As far as the evolutionary significance of X ray induced mutations, 
they probably play a inor role in evolutionary change, since many 
organisms which are routinely exposed to such radiation have repair 

Jay M.

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