What prevent growth in H2O bath?

Per Mygind perm at medmicro.aau.dk
Wed Mar 25 07:06:44 EST 1998

Dom Spinella wrote:
> > What do I pout in my water bath to prevent growth? Without harming my
> > colleagues.
> > Thanks
> > EVA
> Eva:
> Most of the big scientific supply houses sell versions of bath algicides
> to prevent the growth of algae in water baths.  We use one from VWR
> called Clear Bath Algicide (Cat No. 13272-031).  I do agree with Frank
> LeFever's implicit warning in the previous posting however:  This
> product will not prevent all possible growth or harm when bathing with
> your colleagues (perhaps you should just shower together and keep out of
> the water baths).
> Cheers.
> --Dom Spinella
We usually just throw a cobbercontaining coin (danish) in the waterbath
- it stays clean for very long that way
It's that easy ;-)

If you are are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate

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