"Witch Hunt" against anti-aging researcher

Tom Matthews tmatth at netcom.ca
Thu Mar 26 12:36:10 EST 1998

Dr. Marguarite Kay is a top-flight molecular biologist at the
University of Arizona. She gave a presentation at the American Academy
of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Conference last December on the aging of
"Band 3" protein (the protein that allows cell membranes to "breath"
by ion transport) and the reduction of Band-3 aging by Vitamin E. 

     With aging, the "Band 3" protein undergoes changes due to 
oxidation (and possibly glycation) to become what is known as 
"Scenesent Cell Antigen" (SCA). SCA is what marks aging cells for
removal by the macrophages. Dr. Kay stated in her talk that "The 
results of the studies on aging *in vivo* indicate that IgG binding
and anion transport are the two most sensitive screening assays for
determining cellular age." If there is such a thing as a "biomarker"
of aging, these might be good candidates -- perhaps better than
insulin resistance, which is being used to evaluate the effects 
of calorie restriction in monkey experiments. 

    A good summary of Dr. Kay's work on "Band 3" aging can be found
wrote a review of aging of the immune system in MECHANISMS OF AGING
AND DEVELOPMENT 9:39-59 (1978).

     She is an ardent life-extensionist,
but her ability to do research is under attack by powers-that-be at the
University of Arizona. I am not in a position to evaluate the politics
involved or the accusations against her. However, I do greatly respect
her work. For that reason, I am posting the following description of
her plight. I invite others to pass this message along to other life
extensionists or life-extension related newsgroups and/or lists.


WITCH HUNT at the University of Arizona in the tradition of the Salem 
Witch Trials and the Inquisition.
(reference: the Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagon)
We need as many people there as possible in the hope that the presence 
of people will create pressure for the hand-picked panel to at least 
appear fair.

GRAND INQUISITOR: University of Arizona Administration

WITCH until proven innocent at the pre-judged trial: Marguerite M.B.
Kay, M.D.
Regents Professor of Microbiology and Immunology in the College of
Her duties include, but are not limited to research, teaching, and

WHEN: Monday, March 30 starting at 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM. Tuesday
Friday, 8:30 AM to 12:00 noon, then 1:00 until 5:00PM. Fifteen minute
at 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM. Saturday, 4/4/98: 8:30-10:30, and 10:45-12:00
NOTE: This may be delayed because Dr. Kay's lawyer is seeking judicial
of the University of Arizona's decision to continue to deny her due

WHERE: At the University Marriot on campus. if there are changes, a
message will be left at (520) 297-9234.


   In May, 1996, Dr Kay published a high profile paper in the
of the National Academy of Sciences which showed that Vitamin E delays
aging of the immune system and brain. The effect was dramatic. The study
was covered by CNN, all major TV and radio stations, news papers and
periodicals nationally and internationally. Within 2 weeks, Dr. Michael
Cusanovich, the Vice President for Research, ordered Dr. Kay out of her
laboratory space on the main campus of the university. Harassment
accelerated. Dr. Kay was required to fill out endless forms, repeatedly
move her lab to multiple new locations, etc.

     The University of Arizona has violated Dr. Kay's due process and US
AZ Constitutional rights, and is refusing to allow her to be represented
a lawyer in direct conflict with all applicable policies and
law. They will make Dr. Kay's lawyer sit there and whisper to her, but
must leave the room if he speaks. Dr. Kay's remaining lab in the Medical 
School was closed to research April, 1997, on Dr. Cusanovich's orders,
Dr. Kay has been relentlessly harassed by committees directly under his 

    Witch trial will be in front of hand-picked Committee on Academic 
Freedom and Tenure, the composition of which violates all applicable
Half of this committee, including its Chairman, Dr. T.Cetas, will serve
prosecuters and half will serve as judges.

    Dr. Kay has been involved in building a World Class Research Group
Immunobiology. She is internationally known in the areas of cellular and
molecular aging, immunology, and Alzheimer's disease. The purpose of her
research is to find treatments that will delay or prevent diseases
associated with aging. The goal of her research is to prolong productive
lifespan.  She has had a national and international reputation as a
physician/scientist since her twenties. Dr. Kay has been working on
developing cures for age associated diseases and Alzheimer's disease by
manipulating the immune system and using antioxidants and alternative
medical treatment. Dr. Kay is a Diplomat of the newly formed American
Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, and spoke on her vitamin E research at the
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine meetings in Las Vegas this past
December. Questions? Call Marguerite Kay at 520-297-9234. 

Please send contributions to Dr. Kay's legal defense fund to: Dr. M.
Legal Defense Fund c/o Torralba & Assoc Trust Acct, 55 W. Franklin
Tucson, AZ 85701. Questions? Call Marguerite Kay at 520-297-9234.

   "my candle burns a both ends.
   it may not last the night,
   but oh, my friends,
   and ah, my foes,
   it sheds a wondrous light. . ."


Tom Matthews
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