HELP: anti mouse macrophage/lymphocyte AB

Thomas Jefferson Thomas.Jefferson at
Sat Mar 28 15:58:32 EST 1998

W. Kaminski wrote:
> Hi:
> I am looking for an anti mouse macrophage antibody and also an anti mouse
> CD4/CD8 or, alternatively, pan-lymphocyte antibody that works in
> immunohistochemistry.
> I am aware that there are quite a few out there, however, the ones I am
> particularly interested in are antibodies that work in tissue that was
> fixed with an ethanol/glacial acidic acid/chloroform mix (such as eg in
> Carnoy's fixative).
> I'd appreciate any help/information/input on this matter.
> Thanks

Carnoy'S. whew thats a good fixative for some things but not for
membrane antigen integrity.  I posted earlier that a citrate boiling
procedure may uncover some antigens from formalin fixed sections but
i've not been able to uncover the reference yet.  Are you doing in
situ's or is this just immuno-histo, if so I would suggest another
fixation approach.  I had no luck using carnoy's fixed tissue in
staining for cd markers.

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