Scientific Misconduct at Thomas Jefferson University

Jerome Freed jjfreed at netreach.net
Sat May 2 19:29:26 EST 1998

Hsieh, quoting Pres.Brucker of TJU, wrote:

>    Upon learning of the pending newspaper article, Jefferson was anxious
> to share its point of view, since the integrity of the University and
> professional reputations could be damaged.  Unfortunately, Dr. Bagasra
> refused to sign a consent form allowing the University to disclose
> information about his employment and his involvement in research
> activities at Jefferson.  Therefore, it was not possible to disclose all
> the facts to reporters.

One may ask President Brucker why they needed a release from Prof.
Bagasra in order to respond with information on the make-up of the
investigating committee, the evidence examined and the conclusions 
drawn.  What was Dr. Duan's explanation for the missing sequence? For
the activity in cell culture in its absence?  Who had custody of the
material?  None of these questions concern Dr. Bagasra's behavior, do

I will remain skeptical until they *publish* the report....

Jerry Freed

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