hapten-protein conjugation

Jerome Naar jnaar at malarde.pf
Tue May 5 16:02:20 EST 1998

Dear member of the list.

I'm a Ph.D. student working on immunodetection of marine phycotoxins such
as ciguatoxins and brevetoxins. One of the aims of my job was to
determinate improvement in hapten protein conjugation in order to prepare
toxins-proteic carrier conjugate with a good substitution range while
minimizing toxin requirement. It's already done, I now I need more
references to write the manuscript of my thesis. I've got a lot of
references but very few of them are recent. I greatly appreciate if someone
could you give me references for recent works regarding hapten-protein
conjugation and specially lipidic hapten conjugation (review article or

Tanks for time in advance

Jerome Naar

Ciguatera Unit 
Institut Malarde
Associated with Pasteur Institute in Paris

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