MHC-I viral Ag presentation

Kiley R. Prilliman Kiley-Prilliman at ouhsc.edu
Thu May 7 00:15:52 EST 1998

...my brief response to the initial post would be to remember that MHC class I
molecules are NOT restricted in their expression to professional APC's such as
dendritic cells, macrophages, and B-cells (as is the case with class II
molecules): class I molecules are typically expressed upon all nucleated cells
(the only cells in the body devoid of class I are red blood cells and sperm).


Menoret wrote:
> The ansewer might be in the following article: Srivastava P.K., Udono
> H., Blachere N.E., Li Z. Heat shock proteins transfer peptides during
> antigen processing and CTL priming Immunogenetics. 1994. 39 : 93
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> School of Medicine, farmington CT.
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