Antibodies against peptides?

Tobias Dassler t.dassler at lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Fri May 8 12:55:56 EST 1998

I'm working with a membrane protein of E.coli which is quite hydrophobic and which I can't 
overproduce in sufficient amounts for purification and antibody production. So I'm trying to find 
special peptide-sequences of the protein for use as antigens. 
Now my questions: 
Does anyone out there know anything about the properties such a peptide sequence has to have to 
be suitable as an antigen? Or which amino acids shouldn'd be present at all? Are there any 
algorithms for calculating the "antigenicity" of a peptide? Are there any servers/programs in the 
net to get informations from?
Thanks for your help! 

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