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GeoLytics compresses 75 CD-ROMs of demographic data and boundaries
onto ONE easy-to-use Windows disc with complete mapping software.

East Brunswick, NJ, March 31, 1998 -  GeoLytics announces the
release of CensusCD+Maps--a demographics and mapping software
product combining 50 gigabytes of data with advanced thematic
mapping capability.

CensusCD+Maps lets anyone create colorful thematic data maps, down
to the neighborhood level of census block groups, with no mapping
or GIS experience required. All of the data, boundaries, and
software to create results are on the one disc. CensusCD+Maps
eliminates the hassles of importing data and boundaries required
by most mapping software.

The one Windows (95, NT, or 3.1x) CD-ROM of CensusCD+Maps provides:

- Estimates (1997) & Projections (2002) of Demographics (65
  variables for each year) and Consumer Spending (32 product
  categories for each year) for 5 geographic levels (block group,
  tract, zip, county & state)

- 1990 Census (STF-3) demographics, over 3,400, for each of 375,000+
  geographic units including block groups, tracts, and zip codes

- Integrated Thematic Mapping with complete boundaries (from Tiger
  95) down to block group geographic level. A built-in map viewer
  creates and displays thematic maps of .DBF files generated by the
  program. The process is seamless for the end user. Maps are easily
  customized (themes, colors, ranges, scales, etc.) on the fly. A
  virtual variable calculator lets user perform mathematical functions
  (incl. Boolean) then automatically maps results. Viewer exports
  boundaries in ArcView &  MapInfo, and maps as BMP.  It thematically
  maps any imported .DBF file with an appropriate area key.

- County Time Series Statistics - 3,000+ variables in 26 categories
  for all 3,141 US Counties. Data is from US Govt. Agencies on topics
  such as Federal Spending (AFDC, SSI, Grants, Contracts, Payroll,
  etc..), Crime (FBI stats), Agriculture, Business (types, earnings,
  employment, payroll), Banking, Building Permits,  Vital Statistics
  (births, deaths, etc.) and much more.

- Historical Census Counts (Total Population 1790 - 1990) by US County

- Geocoding of an address to its corresponding census block group to
  extract neighborhood information. Also allows for radius reporting
  around a specific address for any number of miles

GeoLytics first product, CensusCD 1.1, holds the complete results
of the 1990 US Census long form (STF-3), originally issued on 67
CDs.  GIS World noted in a March, 1997, review of CensusCD 1.1,
"Performance of the demographic queries is outstanding. If all
databases of this size running on CD-ROM performed this well, the
information systems world would be a much better place." GeoLytics
improved its compression technology to guarantee CensusCD+Maps
lives up to the same performance standards.

GeoLytics sells CensusCD+Maps directly for $249.95 for a single user
license; $750 for LAN/CD-Tower license. Please visit the web site at
http://www.censuscd.com/cdmaps/censuscd_maps.htm for more detailed

GeoLytics can be reached at 800-577-6717 or by e-mail at
info at censuscd.com.

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