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Trond Erik teva at online.no
Sat May 9 05:47:34 EST 1998

Dom Spinella wrote:

> Trond:
> The incorrect assumption here is that antigen presentation by APCs
> absolutely requires preliminary coating of antigen by antibody
> (sometimes called opsonization).  While this does indeed increase the
> efficiency with which certain APCs (notably macrophages) uptake antigen,
> it is not abolutely required.  In fact, several other cell types
> (especially B-cells and dendritic cells) can and do function as APCs and
> may be more globally important sources of antigen presentation than
> macrophages (particularly the dendritic cells).  All of these cells are
> normally quite phagocytic and can uptake and process native (i.e.
> unopsonized) antigens.  B-cells can also capture cognate antigens via
> cell-surface Ig molecules, and also process and present to T-helper
> cells.
> Hope that helps.

It helped a lot. That was basically what I thought, but couldn't find evidence
for in my books.

One more associated question:

Do newborn babies have premade antibodies? Perhaps from the mother? Or do they
have to secrete it all as a response of infection?

I guess premade antibodies obtained through the placenta would be a nice gift.

Trond Erik Vee Aune

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